A heat advisory


Hi Be a Buddy Partners, 

 A heat advisory is being declared beginning on Tuesday (8/10) through Friday (8/13). Unfortunately, we are expecting to seeing heat indices of more than 100F. Please activate your Be a Buddy networks to the best of your ability.

 Thank you for your continued assistance in reaching those in your communities who are at greatest risk during these extreme conditions. Cooling centers will be open most likely tomorrow through Friday. We will send more information as it becomes available.

 Key information to share with your networks:

These conditions are dangerous to health. People without air conditioning, older adults, and people with chronic health conditions are most at risk to heat-related illness and death. Avoid strenuous activity.The best way stay safe during a heat wave is to spend time in an air-conditioned home. If someone does not have or want to use their A/C, they can:Safely visit someone with ACGo to a cooling center. Over 250 cooling centers are ready to open this summer. Click here to find the nearest cooling center (note that this link is only active during a heat advisory).Find a cool place outdoors at one of NYC’s 950 outdoor cooling elements; orange triangles indicate misters for heat advisories onlyHelp those in need apply for a free AC through the NYC GetCool A/C Distribution Program or the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) cooling assistance. People are more likely to enroll in this resource during acute weather. Address common concerns: COVID-19 WILL NOT enter someone’s home through an air conditioner or an open window.

For current weather information go to https://www.weather.gov/okx/nycheat.

To see a summary of this announcement in other languages and ASL click here: http://on.nyc.gov/2rjosBI.


Stay updated with this heat advisory and future weather notifications:

General heat safety information: nyc.gov/health/heatFollow the Notify NYC Twitter accountFollow the NYC Emergency Management Twitter accountFollow the NY National Weather Service Twitter accountSign up for Advanced Warning System (AWS) alertsSign up for Notify NYC alerts

As for reporting on this BAB activation, please track:

  • Number of staff involved

  • Number of volunteers involved

  • Number of attempts to reach at-risk community members (e.g, sent a text, left a voicemail)

  • Number of at-risk community members contacted (where bidirectional communication was established e.g., spoke to on the phone, received a text response)

  • Number and type of referrals made (e.g., referring someone to HEAP)

  • Communication methods (e.g., emails, calls, social media posts, etc.)

  • General community and volunteer needs and challenges during this time


 Thanks all! Stay safe and cool! As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to us in case you have any questions, concerns, or challenges!