Be A Buddy Program

The Hunts Point – Longwood Be A Buddy (BaB) program is designed to prepare the community for future climate events through climate health education and community preparedness. The program aims to have local volunteers help those most at-risk residents and educate the community about climate preparedness.

In case of a climate-related emergency, local residents registered to the BaB network will be contacted and assisted by local volunteers from the community.This is an initiative led by THE POINT in partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Recovery and Resiliency “COOL NEIGHBORHOODS NYC” program, the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) and the Fund for Public Health NY (FDPNY).


Who should register to have a BaB Volunteer reach out to them in case of a climate-related emergency?

  • Anyone who suffers from chronic medical conditions or is on critical life-saving equipment;

  • Anyone who is considered elderly and living alone;

  • Anyone who has a disability or other limitation;

  • Households lacking adequate cooling and/or heating equipment, i.e. air conditioners/radiators.


What are health-related risk related to climate change in our community?

  • Increased risk of cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses like heart disease and asthma;

  • Increased risk of mental-health related illnesses like stress, anxiety and depression;

  • Increased exposure to extreme heat/cold and related illnesses like hypothermia and heat strokes;

  • Worsening existing chronic medical conditions.



  • Establish a network of local volunteers reaching out and helping local community members most at-risk to climate-related emergencies like heat waves, coastal storms or extreme cold;

  • Provide and guide at-risk community members to useful resources and services related to climate and community preparedness;

  • Better prepare the community for future climate events and emergencies through education and awareness;

  • Creates local, social connections among community members.



  • Register to our network if you are an at-risk community member through our online or paper application;

  • Volunteer as a Be A Buddy to conduct outreach for the program;

  • Share this brochure or information with another community member;

  • Follow us on social media to stay informed and aware of climate-related event.


For more info contact Aryanna Osorio at: [email protected]

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