Youth Trainings

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NYC Votes offers a Core Civic Engagement Curriculum consisting of interactive digital trainings and workshops for youth 14-24 years old, educators, and youth service providers. Sign-up for one of our sessions below. If you cannot attend one of the live trainings, please visit our We Power NYC page for information about our online Civic Engagement Course.

For groups interested in scheduling a training for a group of 10 or more, please contact our Youth Coordinator, Olivia Brady, directly at [email protected].

Youth Civic Engagement Workshop

This Workshop provides an overview into why voting at the local level is so important. Learn about:

  • How New York City youth turnout to vote

  • What each elected official does at the local level

  • How to encourage other young New Yorkers to show up at the polls.

Voter Mobilization Training

In this training, we’ll walk through the process of how to organize and execute a voter registration drive. We’ll cover:

  • Registering yourself and others to vote

  • Our voting rights

  • Important election deadlines

  • How to organize your own voter registration drive.

Youth have the opportunity to break out into small groups, make a plan for implementing a drive, and receive feedback from our Youth Engagement Coordinator and their peers.

Ranked Choice Voting Train-the-Trainer

In this train-the-trainer, youth will learn the basics of Ranked Choice Voting while also being trained to host their own Ranked Choice Voting community forum.

Find a schedule below. Please click on the training you would like to attend in order to register.

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